Saturday, September 4, 2010

Our Life!

Welcome to our life!  If you can survive the chaos, you are invited to share our journeys together as a family both at home and around the world.  We desire to fill our lives with excitment and fun!  We want to experience the world together as a family.  At times, this journey might be as close our backyard or own amazing city of Orlando.  At other times, it will take us on a memorable journey over seas to places and people we can only dream about .  Our goal is to uncover fun no matter where we are find ourselves.  Now, having adventures with three young children will certainly present its own set of challenges.  But, we are determined to discover these gems of life as a traveling family of five!  Changing the ordinary into the extraordinary is our goal!  We are beginning our voyage right now and we'd like you to join us.